May, 2011 - A relatively slow month at Taylor!


After starting off last year working consistently at the airport, this year is going a bit more slowly.  Business obligations have kept me away from the airport most weekends this month.


The first weekend of May found me in Austin, Texas for a conference.  Rachael attended with me and, after the conference was over, we decided to hang around the area for a couple days.  We drove down to Gruene, Texas and stayed overnight at a hotel that was overlooking the river.  The next day, we went shopping in the scenic little town.  Rachael was looking in one of the stores when I heard the most beautiful melodic sound.  I walked up to another store just down the way from where we had stopped to find the most beautiful wind chimes hanging from a tree.  These weren’t your “normal” wind chimes - some of these buggers had tubes that looked to be over 9 ft. high!  I walked into the shop and found out that the chimes were made of aircraft aluminum.  They’re called “Music of the Spheres” wind chimes.  I’m not normally a “wind chime” person - they get on my nerves.  These sounded like they came from Heaven, however.  We bought a set to hang out in the glade.



May 26th - Greenville Flying Club Presentation


On May 26th, we were asked to make a presentation to the Greenville/Majors Flying Club about our little airport.  The Majors Flying Club is located in a hangar at Majors Airport (KGVT).  It is a Class D airport that is located just 7 miles north of us.  We met them in an interesting manner…


Walt L. and I were out working at the airport last summer when we saw a 172 making low passes over the runway.  I got on the radio in time to hear someone call out on CTAF that they were practicing emergency engine-out procedures.  In the plane  was an instructor and student from the flying club.  Dennis Mathis (the CFI) later told me that he was shocked to hear someone answer him on the CTAF.  He had been using the “airport” for years for emergency landing practice, but had never landed because of the sad shape of the property.  Now, they use the runway for grass landing and emergency engine-out practice.


We headed over to Majors Airport about 3:30pm and got set up to make our presentation.  I had made a pot of gumbo for the attendees.  Rachael, Walt and I were happy to share a bit of our future plans with the members of the flying club who attended that month’s meeting.  Thanks for having us!

Text Box: May 28th - Mowing is a regular job…

When you own property that has a lot of open area (ie… lots of GRASS!), it takes a lot of mowing.  We spent the weekend doing just that - mowing the whole property.  There had been a lot of rain over the last few days (the last significant rain of the summer, as it would turn out) and there were a lot of wet, marshy places along the sides of the runway.  The center 50 ft. of the 60 ft. wide runway is almost always dry and firm, however.

We took the opportunity to hang our wind chimes in the glade this weekend.  It provides a very pleasant sound whenever the wind is blowing.