December, 2010

Acquisitions for next year - it’s almost like Christmas!!!


Well, it’s December and coming up on that holiday time of year.  I’ve been watching the online auction sites in the DFW area for anything that would help us in the coming year.  One of the things that I wanted to do was buy some different tables and chairs.  The cafeteria-style tables with built-in seats that we have are great - for any event that’s held on a smooth, hard surface.  They’re a bear to move when you’re trying to set them up on grass or lumpy soil.  They’re heavy and just not very easy to set up OR take down.  Storage requirements are significantly more than a fold-up table, also.


Perusing through my favorite online auction site, I came across a school district that was auctioning off the contents of two sea container pods.  In one of them were about 20 tables and 30 or so folding chairs.  In addition to all that was a small portable stage, a bounce house, two pool tables and a large assortment of gym equipment.


Although I had no need for any of the gym equipment, the thought of the stage intrigued me.  The chairs and tables were exactly what we needed, but the stage really piqued my interest.  We had planned on building a stage for holding small music events.  If it was in decent shape, it was certainly worth a look.


Thankfully, I wanted the contents of the pods more than the next guy and was able to win the auction without having to bid too high.  In fact, just the tables and chairs were worth (to me) the price that I paid for both pods.  Since I knew that the containers were stacked full of stuff, I enjoined the help of Walt and another friend.  We hooked three of my trailers up to our trucks and made the journey up the road about 60 miles to Denton.


When we started inventorying everything that was inside, I became even more happy with my purchase.  There were TWO bounce houses in the containers - one large commercial size one and a smaller one for little kids younger than about 7 yrs. old.


In addition to the stage, there were tennis rackets, badminton rackets, tennis racket cases, televisions, heavy duty dollies, carts for hauling the bounce houses, a snow cone machine, printer/scanner combos, clothing, karate practice pads, mats, coolers (BIG ones), Christmas lights and ornaments, tennis court nets, baseball bats, softballs, roller blades, softball helmets and a whole slew of assorted items that a school system sloughs off when it buys new equipment.  We even had a competition quality balance beam!


Most of the unwanted stuff will be given away to charity.  I have no use for most of it.  All I really cared about were the tables, chairs, stage and bounce houses.  It was quite a haul.  I felt like it was Christmas already.  :-)


We’ll be able to keep the kids occupied when we have our events next year.  I suspect that the bounce houses will be a big hit with the younger crowd.  Heck!  I may even enjoy it myself.  I’ve never owned a bounce house before.  When we set it up to see how it worked, Rachael and I had to… ahem… “test it out”.  Took a bit of testing before we were satisfied that it worked ok…


If I don’t get to make any more updates before the end of the year,


MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!  Be safe until we see you next year.


12-31 - Just a little more work to do to close out the year...

We had a great Christmas with family and friends.  On Dec. 27th, however, I was perusing through some online aviation forums when I found a link that attracted my attention.  With the information gleaned from that link, I was able to find a company in the United States that made runway marker cones.  Letourneau Plastics in Oconto, Wisconsin makes a very affordable runway marker cone.  I called them that morning and placed an order for 40 of the yellow cones.  They arrived on December 30th.  I was surprised to get them so fast.


So, on the morning of December 31st, Walt L. and I drove over to the airport and installed them on the runway.  I was VERY happy with the resulting look.  We placed a cone every 200 feet and placed double cones to mark the runway thresholds.


One last little job to bring 2010 to an end.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

(We’ll pick up the original tire markers next year)