April, 2010


We reached an agreement to purchase the former Taylor Airport in early April of 2010.

We started work on T14 in mid-April of 2010.  It was going to be a long process.  The property had not been maintained in quite a while and Mother Nature had started to reclaim the land.  There were trees growing in the runway.  The brush and grass were waist high.  I don’t believe that it had been mowed in over a year.  Game trails meandered down the runway.  In fact, when we walked the length of the runway, following a game trail was the best way to go.


This is what the runway and surrounding land  looked like when we walked down it that first time.


As we walked around the property we came upon many old farm implements, junk vehicles, piles of trash and rotting wood - all hidden in the tall grass.  There were substantially sized trees all over the place.  For a hunter, it was a sportsman’s paradise.  There were deer and other game trails everywhere.  Mr. Taylor had even given permission for someone to hunt on the property.  We found two deer stands and a feeder on the runway.

I only owned a small Ford 601 Workmaster tractor with a 4’ brush hog, which was used for mowing the acreage at my home.  The Ford was nowhere NEAR up to the task of clearing this land.


So I hired “Buster” to do the initial brush hogging of the property.  Buster worked for the gentleman who owned the grass farm just up the road.  He graciously allowed Buster to use his equipment and come clear our property.


I suspect that he would regret that decision…


Buster came over with a 110 horsepower New Holland tractor and a 15’ batwing brush hog.  Buster went right to work.  I was wondering how I was going to clear the land of the small scrub trees that covered much of the property when Buster informed me that he could just simply “run over” every tree smaller than about 4” in diameter.




I was a bit skeptical at first, but Buster was true to his word.  He simply ran the big New Holland over the smaller trees and whacked them down.  I was pleasantly surprised… for a while.


Unfortunately, Buster was a bit too ambitious in his claims that he could clear everything off.


One PTO, two batwing gearboxes, one drive shaft and a second tractor later (he had to go get a bigger John Deere to finish the job) and I could see the property for the first time.


We still had a long way to go, but we were getting started on our dream!

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