Text Box: March, 2012 - Substantial Progress made on the Airport Home

While I worked in the office, Walt L. made some amazing progress on the airport home.  He finished taping and mudding the sheet rock walls.  By the time that I went out there on the 10th of the month, he’d finished all of the taping, mudding and had textured the walls with a texture sprayer.  It was time to pick out a paint scheme.

We went to the local Home Depot and headed for the paint department.  When I had bought my home in Rockwall, I had hired an interior decorator to make changes to the VERY green walls.  She had found the perfect color to repaint the walls.  It was called “Warm Honey”.  I had the color palette from the one extra spare can that I’d kept all these years.  It was so pretty that I decided to do the airport home in the same color.  We bought enough to do the house and headed back to start painting.

Here’s how the walls looked after the taping and mudding process was complete.
Text Box: 03-17th and 18th - Putting in the Window Trim and Wiring the outlets.

I came back on Friday to continue working to find that Walt L. had already painted the living room and had put in some of the window trim.  The bathroom was still in a raw form, but the living room was looking very nice.  While he continued working in the bathroom, I started wiring the outlets and switches in the living room.  By the end of the weekend, we had accomplished a lot.  I was able to do some mowing, also.  I mowed the parking apron and the runway.

During one of my trips to Greenville for supplies from Home Depot, I happened to find a porch swing that was perfect for the deck below the observation tower.  The last thing that we did before we left on Sunday was hang the swing.  It looks out over the runway and will provide a place to sit for many relaxing evenings.

March 20th - The Great (Taylor) Flood of 2012


When I purchased the property from Mr. Taylor, he told me about one serious flood that had happened back in the early 80’s.  Although the higher land where I was building the home was well above the high water level, the lower north-east corner of the property sat within the flood plain.


On Monday, March 19th, Mother Nature brought in the biggest storm system of the past few years.  It had rained fairly regularly all year so far.  When the skies opened up early on Monday morning, the ground was already soaked.  When the rain started on Monday, the earth was already completely saturated and would hold no more moisture.


I was working in the office on Tuesday morning when Walt L. called to tell me that we had some significant flooding out at the airport.  I hopped in my truck and headed through the heavy rain towards Quinlan.


As I drove up, I was shocked by what I saw - CR 3511 was flooded from the creek that flowed at the end of the property almost up to the airport entrance.  Water was streaming off of the land and making a river down the center of the road.  I was able to drive through it and onto the property.


Although most of the land was in decent shape (and the new road was holding up magnificently), the north-east corner was completely under water.  The fence that we had built was half covered in water and the RV parking area that was so popular during our last fly-in was under 2-3 feet of water.  I had thought to run a buried cable when I put in RV power.  Now, I plan on running the line above the ground on power poles.  Running it underground is just asking for trouble if we ever get a flood like this again.


I took some pics before heading back to the Rockwall airport.  There, I hopped in the Stinson and flew back over to get some aerial shots of the flooding.

March 31st - Getting rid of the Fuel Truck


With the road holding up to the deluge, we were able to continue working on the house.  As things dried up, we started to do some more outside work.


One of the things that I decided to do was get rid of the old fuel truck that Mr. Taylor had left for us.  Although the engine looked like it could be coaxed into starting again, I wasn’t willing to put a lot of time into it to find out that there were all kinds of other problems that arose from sitting out in the elements for many years.  So I put an ad on Craigslist.  I figured that I’d have to repost it many times before I found someone to come and get it.  Nope.  I got calls and emails within the hour.  The first man to email was given the opportunity to come and get it.  I told him to bring a heavy-duty trailer and come prepared to pull it away because we were busy.


He showed up with a heavily laden old truck, a trailer too light for the job and a wife in a smaller light-duty truck that he intended to use to pull that 10,000+ lb. truck onto the trailer.  In addition to that, he only had some lightweight nylon straps to use to hold it down on the trailer.


With a heavy sigh, Walt and I realized that we were going to have to help the guy load his trailer if we wanted the truck gone.  I hooked up my F250 to it but wasn’t able to pull the old tanker out of its resting place until Walt chained his truck to mine.  Together, we got it moving onto level ground.


With a lot of muscle power, just as much brain power, and the use of a lot of our equipment, we were able to drag the old fuel truck onto the trailer.  The new owner headed out with the old fuel truck loaded precariously on the trailer.  I don’t know if he made it to his ultimate destination, but he made it out of sight - which was just fine with me.


That ended our March out at Taylor Airport.  We made quite a bit of progress this month.