February 3rd thru 8th - Time to make a permanent Road (for real this time!)


Keeping our road in good condition has always been a major issue.  The crushed concrete that we’d been using for the past two years worked fairly well, but it would turn to mush in heavy rains.  You could drive over it during a heavy rain safely, but your vehicle would look like it had been in a mud run when you’d stop.  And you’d track mud in on your shoes.


I was *finally* able to secure some crushed asphalt through sheer chance and a chat with my neighbor.  When I heard that it was available, I quickly bought ten 20 yard loads.  Unfortunately, it was delivered to my ROCKWALL home and not to the airport.  Thankfully, I have a friend with a dump trailer.  It’s going to take all summer to get all of that crushed asphalt out to the airport, however.


After the first 10 loads were delivered to Rockwall, I was able to get in contact with the gentleman from whom I bought the material .  I had previously only communicated through my neighbor.  He agreed to deliver more material out to the airport, so I bought another 7 loads (that’s a LOT of crushed asphalt).  This time, we were able to have it delivered directly to the airport.


While I was working on getting the crushed asphalt, Walt L. continued with the home construction.  While I was working during the week, he started putting up sheet rock in the airport home.


When the 7 loads of asphalt were delivered, we put home construction on hold and went straight away to building a road that would hold up through any kind of weather and would NOT turn to mud when it rained.

The Rest of February


We worked on the road for most of the rest of the month of February, with pauses for inclement weather.  By the end of the month, we’d made a decent road that would hold up through the worst that Mother Nature could throw at us.


After we were satisfied with the road, we went back to work on the airport home.  Walt L. had finished all the sheet rock work and we started taping and mudding the sheet rock.  Although I started to help, it was quickly obvious that I was waaay out of my league.  Walt L. ended up doing all of the work.